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[UNFINISHED] Ghoul Friend by eldan-ydmarel
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[UNFINISHED] Ghoul Friend :iconeldan-ydmarel:eldan-ydmarel 1 0
[UNFINISHED] Yukihira Souma 2 by eldan-ydmarel [UNFINISHED] Yukihira Souma 2 :iconeldan-ydmarel:eldan-ydmarel 0 0 Ichigo Redrawn by eldan-ydmarel Ichigo Redrawn :iconeldan-ydmarel:eldan-ydmarel 4 5 Yukihira Soma by eldan-ydmarel Yukihira Soma :iconeldan-ydmarel:eldan-ydmarel 3 0 A Finished Loki by eldan-ydmarel A Finished Loki :iconeldan-ydmarel:eldan-ydmarel 4 3 An Unfinished Loki by eldan-ydmarel An Unfinished Loki :iconeldan-ydmarel:eldan-ydmarel 2 0 Different Angles...? by eldan-ydmarel Different Angles...? :iconeldan-ydmarel:eldan-ydmarel 2 0 Practicing on Loki by eldan-ydmarel Practicing on Loki :iconeldan-ydmarel:eldan-ydmarel 4 0 Yukine by eldan-ydmarel Yukine :iconeldan-ydmarel:eldan-ydmarel 1 0 [CHIBI] Loki Laevatein by eldan-ydmarel [CHIBI] Loki Laevatein :iconeldan-ydmarel:eldan-ydmarel 2 3 Eros Theia Mania (Human Form) by eldan-ydmarel Eros Theia Mania (Human Form) :iconeldan-ydmarel:eldan-ydmarel 1 0 Eros Theia Mania (God Form) by eldan-ydmarel Eros Theia Mania (God Form) :iconeldan-ydmarel:eldan-ydmarel 3 0 Loki Laevatein by eldan-ydmarel Loki Laevatein :iconeldan-ydmarel:eldan-ydmarel 2 0 Daisuke and Demmy by eldan-ydmarel Daisuke and Demmy :iconeldan-ydmarel:eldan-ydmarel 1 5 Daisuke Saito by eldan-ydmarel Daisuke Saito :iconeldan-ydmarel:eldan-ydmarel 3 0 Bleach Version3 by eldan-ydmarel Bleach Version3 :iconeldan-ydmarel:eldan-ydmarel 1 0


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[UNFINISHED] Yukihira Souma 2
I tried drawing Yukihira again. This time I'm trying to copy a pose of his from a manga chapter. Still not yet done.
Ichigo Redrawn
Character: Kurosaki Ichigo
Anime/Manga/Game: Bleach
Creator: Tite Kubo

I redrew Ichigo Kurosaki of Bleach. I wanted to see if, this time around, I could make it look more decent compared to my 2012 one (…). I think I was a bit successful in that endeavor. :D
Yukihira Soma
Character: Yukihira Soma
Anime/Manga/Game: Shokugeki no Soma
Creator: Yuuto Tsukuda

I tried drawing Soma from Food Wars. And dang it, was he tough to draw! XD
A Finished Loki
Character: Loki Laevatein
Anime/Manga/Game: Kamigami no Asobi
Creator: Broccoli

Here is the finished product! Yay!

The white-haired young man frowned as the Shadow user--what was his name again? Kuromaru?--hid himself from view. If this continued, not only would he not be able to defeat him, let alone get a shot at facing him--he would also put the lives of the other students in danger. He had to find a way to isolate his fight with his opponent. He had to lure the guy away from the crowd.

And that was when he saw the building.

He winced, the wound on his leg now stinging painfully. He gripped his sword tightly in his hand; he had to get inside that building. He had to find a place which he could flood with light. He smirked; now would have been a grand time to have had Judas, Maddie or Accalia as team mates. But since that was not the case, he had to improvise.

Ken took a deep breath, assessing his magic. If he teleported now, he would not be able to use any other spells. So the only way for him to reach the building was to run. A playful smile crossed his lips; well, that would be quite a pain in the--in his case--leg. He then ripped some cloth off his shirt as he bent down. He wrapped his wound in the ripped pieces, stemming the blood flow a little with the makeshift bandage. He then locked amber orbs on the building, his mind set.

"Well, it's now or never." He murmured as she pushed himself from the ground, his feet taking him as quickly as they could to the abandoned place. The remaining students seemed to have guessed where he was going, at the very least, for they parted their group and created a path for the Fade Magic user. Ken just nodded at some of them, before heading straight for the main entrance. He crashed through the swinging doors, his body slamming against the cold metal as his feet led him deeper inside. There has to be some sort of switch there, one that would light up the place! Most buildings in the town used energized lacrima to produce electricity; it was possible that there were still remnants of that magic that were enough to give him some light. The downside of it though was that he was in complete darkness, way inside the building. And that meant...

"AAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHH!" Ken yelled as he felt a stab go right through his right thigh. He crumpled to the ground as he felt a slice pass by his left arm. The Shadow user was obviously playing with him. It was obvious that he wanted Ken to suffer before he finished him off.

"Such a weakling you are, if you are unable to even stand up after being scratched a little." A voice sounded from behind Ken. The white-haired young man gritted his teeth as he stood up, his entire frame stumbling in the darkness. He could barely see in the area he was in. He felt that he needed to reach the wall, and see if the thing that he was looking for was there.

"Weakling?" Ken huffed as he tried to keep himself alert. His opponent could strike any time; the least he could do was prevent him from killing him before he got to the 'fuse' box.

"Yeah, I am a bit tired. After all, we've been fighting since morning. It must be a shame for you that I couldn't fight you in my full strength. My apologies." The young man said sarcastically, his amber orbs now searching the wall that he had reached. Please, let that box be there...

"Are you mocking me, Fairy?" A voice sounded to his left. Ken yelled in pain as a stab went through his left leg. He almost fell to the ground had he not grabbed hold of a column.

"You are and always will be weak, while we shall remain strong, become stronger--to destroy trash like you." Kuromaru whispered as he vanished once more in the dark.The white-haired young man just ignored him, his entire body now wobbling toward what seemed to be a black box right in front of him.

"Well, I'm sorry to say that the trash here isn't me." Ken whispered back as he managed to open the box. There it was, a power switch. He threw his hand over it, pulling it down, the action powering up the area where he was in. There! Lesser shadows where that guy could hide from.

"I see. So you plan to draw me out? You should have asked." Kuromaru said as he formed right in front of Ken. The white-haired mage stared at him, his amber orbs serious.

"Don't worry. I was planning on fighting you a bit fairly, so just to make things--a little less shameful. It would not be fun if I keep on attacking you without getting anything from you. Come now. Use that katana of yours." He said as he formed a black image of a sword in his hands. Ken nodded grimly, his hand pulling out his katana from its sheath. Kuromaru then charged, heading straight for Ken. The Fade Magic user lifted his sword, the metal blocking the blade of his opponent as he struck down hard on him. As quick as he could, Ken pushed against the Shadow user, his mind set on striking at his enemy's midsection. But before he could land a strike, Kuromaru had vanished from his sight; he had sunk deep within the shadow coming from Ken, reemerging right behind the white-haired young man.

"Your movements are slow. I doubt I shall enjoy you like this." Kuromaru said as he placed a hand on Ken's right shoulder. He then pressed his other hand against Ken's back. He made small shadow spikes appear from within the Fairytail mage, piercing the mage's body in different places all at the same time. The white-haired young man's eyes widened as he felt intense and unbearable pain course throughout his being, his katana falling to the floor with a loud clatter.

"Now that would make things better. You would be slower, and more fun to torment. Don't worry, I didn't pierce any vital organs, so you would still live. Until I decide to take away your life that is." As he spoke, Ken was slowly reaching for the hand on his shoulder. The Fade Magic user touched the hand, his fingers closing on the wrist.

"You...should have...finished me earlier on..." Ken murmured as he released the hand, his knees buckling as he fell to the ground. He was now on all fours, his blood oozing out from the numerous holes he had in his body. Kuromaru, who was standing right behind him, just laughed.

"But that won't be fun now, would it? After I kill you, we shall annihilate the other students. I hear the pay is good. And the best part of it all is that the Council does not have the guts to come after us. Amazing, right?" Kuromaru said, his tone quite gleeful. But Ken was not amused. Indeed, he was far from it.

He was angry.

"What...what do you that? Are you...going to kill off those innocent...innocent students?" He asked as he slowly got to his feet, his entire body being fueled by the anger now coursing through his veins.

"Of course. Yamaichi's Demon King has loads of cash. So why would we refuse his request?" Kuromaru said as he stood there, his black blade still in his hand.

"I...see. Then you really...should have finished me off...earlier." The white-haired mage murmured as he activated his magic.

"What? Are you going to teleport yourself again, boy?" Kuromaru taunted. But Ken just smirked, his smile betraying the pain that he was feeling.

"No. I'm just gonna ask..." He answered, his voice laced with a venom reflecting his anger.

" many times...have I touched you?" He whispered into the still air, his voice floating in the room as he chanted his spell.

"Fade: Abyss Fall"

Kuromaru's eyes widened when he saw himself trapped within a column. What was happeni--?!

"AAARGGGHHH!" It was his turn to yell as multiple blows hit his body. He was taken by surprise, preventing him from using his magic immediately. After the blows have stopped, he felt charges building up in the area around him. He then felt a powerful black electrical charge pass through him, numbing him completely. Kuromaru crumpled to the ground as he felt himself weaken.

"Wh--what did you..?" He stammered as he lay on the ground. But the white-haired mage ignored him.

"Guess you can't remember. Doesn't matter." Ken said as he turned around, his amber orbs flooding with an anger that was terrible to gaze upon.

"You can hurt me or threaten me all you want. But never, ever..." He said as he started to slowly hobble away.

"Dare to kill innocent lives. Never." He said, before chanting the spell once more. It was the last of his magic, but it would be enough to activate Abyss Fall once more. He heard a yell before silence fell upon his ears once more. He frowned. He hated that sound--especially if it was him he caused it. But there was nothing he could do. Not when that person was going to kill innocent, young lives just because of money.

Ken staggered to the front of the building, his wounds making it difficult for him to move properly. He had to get back to the others. But even though his bleeding have slowed down a bit, he was clearly overcome by fatigue the moment he got out of the building. His knees buckled the moment he got past the entrance, his whole self falling face down onto the ground. He closed his eyes as he lay there, his breathing a bit slow.

"Finally...I can sleep..." Was all he murmured as he closed his eyes. Just a little bit of rest would do. Just a little bit...


Ken snapped his eyes wide open, his amber orbs scanning the area in front of him. He then tried to get on his feet once more, his eyes looking for someone. Hopefully, that someone was still okay. Well, a bit more okay than he was. He was able to spot Mori somewhere to his left, resting by a wall. He grimaced as he tried to make his way there, every step of the way eliciting from him so much effort. The moment he reached his comrade, he collapsed, his back hitting the wall with more force than he intended to.

"That hurt..." He feebly joked as he closed his eyes.

"I guess we're both...not looking that good, eh? I hope..." Ken breathed as sleep started taking over him.

"I hope Arthur's faring better than us."


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